Bay Area Personal Watercraft Association

Formed in 1991 BAPWA's primary purpose is to promote water safety and to give Personal Watercraft owners an opportunity to have fun with coordinated and planned rides. We have an organized ride planned every couple of weeks starting in April continuing into October. Most are single day rides and last about 7 hours with several breaks and often a stop for fuel and lunch.


In 2016 we had:

57 Members

22 Guest

Averaged 25 riders per event.

Average Full Day of Riding 96 miles per day.

Traveled over 32,190 miles total on the planned rides.

On 25 Yamaha's, 12 SeaDoo's, 7 Honda's, and 2 Kawasaki's.

Shared 2,206 photos.


Want to Ride With Us or Need More Info?

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