Riding Rules

  1. We are Respectful we watch out for other riders, boaters, fisherman, swimmers, people floating in tubes, kayaks, canoes, etc.

  2. Look over your shoulder before changing direction (head on swivel)

  3. Know your hand signals; keep using until you see others behind you doing the same.

  4. Be aware of others in our group and be courteous.

  5. Stay at a safe distance from other riders. (a minimum of 50ft)

  6. NO splashing others or horseplay – State Laws requires 50ft seperation at speed. The safety of the group depends on it.

  7. Passing is allowed but only at a safe distance and when the water permits.

  8. Be aware of your wake and be aware of its effects on those around you.

  9. Keep an eye on the rider behind you, If the rider behind you is gone and you can no longer see them -- stop and wait. Do not turn around to go back. Wait for leaders to return and take action.

  10. If you cannot stay with the group for any reason, please let someone else know that you will be heading back. This saves time having us search for you.

  11. Maintain a pace that keeps you within sight distance of the group.

  12. Leave nobody behind, offer assistance to those in need.